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 Points, Gems, Ranks, and what not!

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PostSubject: Points, Gems, Ranks, and what not!   Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:02 pm

Ranking System
The ranking system is a critical feature to the forum, letting us Admins know which user is most dedicated and active in the forum. Below are the ranks listed and the number of posts required to reach that rank (ranks may change in the future).

-Posts Needed: 0
-About: They're new to the forums and usually just lure, register, and leave.

-Posts Needed: 25
-About: Users who begin to like the forums. Activity increases.

~Shining Silver
-Posts Needed: 250
-About: At this point, the user is active and has had time on the forums.

~Golden Member
-Posts Needed: 500
-About: Users who have been on the site for quite awhile... or maybe their just spamming.

~Diamond Class
-Posts Needed: 4500
-About: Yup they're spamming. Users who know how the forum works and can dodge a ban.

~Elite Member
-Posts Needed: 7500
-About: Users who can tell others what to do. Shut up.

Points are used to purchase things from the Shop. These stuffs can make your profile look a bit fancier. Points can only get you some basic stuff though, but can be gained easily. You can even purchase GIFTS or GIFT CARDS

You can gain Points the following ways:

~Add a friend (they must accept your request) [+15]
~Accept a friend request [+15]
~Post a new Topic [+3]
~Post a reply to a topic [+1]
~You gain 5 per day.

Points can be earned from Admins by being active as well.

Also, here's a tip, if you post topics begging for Points or Gems, you'll lose 50 of whatever you requested.

Gems are much more rare and prettier than Points. Gems can get you more expensive and better items from the Shop. They're a lot more rare though. They can be earned by winning the Weekly Challenge or winning an Editors Contest,

If you're on the "Top Posters" chart, the top 5 people gain some Gems every Friday. Below is the amount of Gems they get:

1st: 5
2nd: 4
3rd: 3
4th: 3
5th: 2

Us Admins can give out Gems to whoever we'd like. The more active the more you get.

You can also gain Gems if a new member mentions you here during registration (in the "User" section)

If a member mentions you, you gain 1-6. If I find out it's a spam account, you will be banned.

Also, you don't have to mention my name, I don't need any Gems.
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Points, Gems, Ranks, and what not!
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